Thursday, June 7, 2007

Gyllenhaal and Foner Near Runyon Canyon

OWNER: Stephen Gyllenhall and Naomi Foner
LOCATION: Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $20,000/month
SIZE: 2,563 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Within walking distance to Runyon Canyon Park, this stunning home is sited down a long driveway on almost an acre on a promontory with head-on city views. Landscape by J. Griffith, this is the quintessential mid-century redefined architectural furnished home redone with exquisite taste. True California indoor/outdoor living, this property affords privacy, a pool & includes maid & concierge service Monday-Friday & is perfect for someone needing the best of LA while here to do a film or series.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: We're going to be totally honest here...Your Mama does not have a clue where Hollywood hunkster and a-list celebrity of the moment Jake Gyllenhaal sleeps at night and brushes his teeth in the morning. If one is to believe the tabs, he may be spending some nights in Brentwood with soon to be dee-vorced Miz Reese Witherspoon. But we've always figured he lived near Runyan Canyon where he is often seen hiking, running his big German Shepard Atticus Finch and his Puggle Boo Radley, and biking up and down Mulholland Drive while stuffed into very tight and revealing lycra shorts.

So as a consolation prize Your Mama is pleased to present the house where the parent's of His Hollywood Highness call home and are offering for a short term least at $20,000/month. Television di-rector Stephen Gyllenhaal and screenwriter Naomi Foner purchased this property in June 1999 for $850,000 in cold hard cash. It would seem they've spent considering time and dough having the place renovated into a modestly sized, but beautifully detailed mid-century modern done over for the 21st century.

Your Mama loves this modestly size house that sits down a long driveway with a gated motor court and is so close to Runyon Canyon Park it's practically IN Runyon Canyon Park. The perfect spot for all the health nut Angelenos who enjoy a 47 mile hike before heading to the studios in Burbank or down to Robertson Boulevard for lunch at The Ivy.

The swimming pool, with it's angular lines works a perfect juxtaposition to the rustic and wild terrain of the canyon below the house.

We are also seriously digging those stairs. They are a little civic in design, but Your Mama thinks Miz Tyra Banks should lease this house for cycle 10 or 14 or 28, or whatever cycle is next on America's Next Top Model. Imagine those skinny bitches coming down those ridiculously cool steps wearing 5 inch platforms and wasps nests in their hair while Miss Jay hoots and hollers.

We are also appreciating the built in sofa lounges that are scattered around the back yard areas. We'd prefer them a little more if they had umbrellas or some other sort of moe-derne canopy to shade them from the blazing Southern California sun. And of course we see the fire pit, which has become so common and cliche in houses that Your Mama would tear that thing out or replace it with a contemporary sculpture that makes soothing clinking noises as the breeze blows.

The interior spaces have been pared down and unified with lightly polished concrete floors throughout the house (radiant heating we hope), and what looks like birch wood for the built in shelves, desks, and cabinetry in the kitchen and baths. We know the trend is toward dark cabinetry or something exotic like Indonesian zebra wood, but we're still digging the classic birch.

We have a special fondness for the dining room which looks almost like a rustic, but very expensive cabin in the bush of Africa. The pivoting doors open up creating a room that is as much outdoors as in. Although we worry about those doors standing open if there are not screens on them. Bugs.

The outdoor shower is dee-vine. Seriously. Two shower heads, a stacked wood enclosure. Really. Spectacular.

We haven't a clue why the Gyllenhaal/Foners would want to lease their house out or where they're going, although we're guessing they're heading to Brooklyn to spend some time with daughter Maggie's new bebe.

Or maybe they're headed out to spend the summer at their house on Martha's Vineyard.

Whatever the case, Your Mama hopes whomever leases this place will give us a call so we can come skinny dip in that pool. And we'd like to take advantage of the complimentary concierge service.


Anonymous said...

First of all, Jake is not sleeping in Brentwood, because Jake is gay. Which is fine, but I think it'd funny about this Reese bullshit.

I hike at Runyon plenty- beautiful views,, but the contstant foot traffic would make me nuts.

Anonymous said...

Jake isn't gay and he is seeing Reese but he ain't living in Brentwood. Tha't not a bad price for a lease.

Anonymous said...

mama, are there any pics of this place? sounds like heaven.

Anonymous said...

Oh, PLZ, Mama!!! I would so love to see pictures of The Precious' parents' house!!! To think he ate, slept, showered, swam, and breathed in that space intoxicates me, totally. Maybe the 'rents are headed East. Who can say. YOu make it sound like such an interesting space!!! Outdoor showers??? I love it!!! Jake taking an outdoor shower??? O.M.G.

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. what am I missing here? I see pictures associated with this post, and the home is flat out gorgeous. Gawd, I love beautifully unpretentious homes and settings like this.

Anonymous said...

I don't care for the interior decoration, but this is a nice house.

Anonymous said...

Mama, this house reminds me of a place I love to visit during the Christmas/New Year holidays, the Post Ranch Inn. I then got to remembering back some christmases ago when me & my man was trying to check into the Post Ranch Inn. Seems a certain 'family' last name sounds like Gyllenhaal, was hogging our tree house after checkout time...staff had to finally go up and turn off the hot tub and help them pack their crap up. we didn't mind too much and enjoyed a lovely glass or two of wine while waiting for lovely Jake & Co. to leave. I spent the next three days and nights imagining what Jake & Co. might have been doing up in that treehouse. Which side of the bed did he sleep on. Did he shower or take a bath. Thanks for letting me share.

Anonymous said...

This is a spectacularly confident home. I love it! In the past, everyone kept up with the Jones'. Now everyone thinks they have to keep up with the Zeta-Jones'. That's why this house is so refreshing, it doesn't try to be anything like so many of these wannabe Neutra remodels I've been seeing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mamma, Since you would love to know, Jake G. lives at 276* Nichols Canyon Road. I'll leave off the last number so you can figure it out....

Anonymous said...

This is definitely one of my favorite houses so far.

Anonymous said...

Since he lives practically around the corner from his parents, it shouldn't be hard to figure out. They all live in the Mulluhand Drive area.

Jake fan said...

Jake Gyllenhaal is gay and that silly showmance with Reese Witherspoon is over.

I bet Jake and his family are really, really happy about that!