Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Get Lost at Terry O'Quinn's Hawaii Hideaway

SELLER: Terry O'Quinn
LOCATION: Maulukua Place, Haleiwa, HI
PRICE: $2,940,000
SIZE: 4,335 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Lovely celebrity 1.17. Ultimate private North Shore living, nicely manicured landscape, scenic ocean and mountain views. Gated with three private entrances for main home, guest cottage that has rental income and service entrance. Large master bedroom w/ office, large family room, fireplace, workout room and more. Enjoy the waves and picture postcard views of the ocean from your pool.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: We know we're not going to be popular for saying this, but Your Mama has never seen a single episode of Lost, the enigmatic cult television show with a convoluted series of story lines, where we are to understand that Terry O'Quinn plays a strange and mysterious character named John Locke.

All that we know of this program is that it films in Hawaii, has something to to with people in a plane crash, and like our favorite daytime drama Passions, is fond of supernatural story lines. Oh, and it features sexy Matthew Fox and once co-starred the troubled "is she or is not not a lesbian" DUI diva Michelle Rodriquez.

Mister O'Quinn's house, which he purchased in August of 2005 for $2,050,000, is located up in the hills on a cul de sac not far from the Waimea Bay on the North Shore of Oahu. If you've ever been near a surfer you'll know that the North Shore is home to some of the most intense wave action in the world including the Banzai Pipeline and Sunset Beach Park where winter waves regularly roll in at 15 and 20 feet.

We haven't a clue if Mister O'Quinn rides the waves shouting "kowabunga!" but certainly he has a lovely and serene view out the back of his house. The listing shows the house sits on just over an acre of land and encompasses nearly 5,000 square feet with staff or guest quarters, enclosed and open lanais, a den/study, family room, media room, and a work out room.

The listing also shows 5 bedrooms and six terlits on the property which is enough to keep Mister O'Quinns wahine busy with a terlit brush and a can of comet the good part of each weekend. That is unless there's hired help, then it'll only keep the maid busy a good portion of the weekend.

The backyard pool and spa have spectacular views of Waimea Falls Park and beyond to the pounding ocean. In a nod to local vernacular and materials, the sides of the pool have been encrusted with lava rock. Which looks great. But don't run your bare skin on it, because lava stones sometimes have jagged points like broken glass. And who needs stitches every time you get in and out of the pool?

The interior of the house looks pretty nice. Your Mama loves bright and primary colors (we're simple minded that way), but none the less we might chose a less severe yellow for the walls. The furniture looks like it was chosen for comfort and overall, it looks like a cozy place to tuck in after a long night of filming on the beach.

There seem to be a lot of knick knacky things in the living, dining and kitchen areas. We do think the knick knacks can be interesting, and even telling about the person who owns and displays them, but Your Mama normally tries to keep the knick knacks to a minimum if only for practical purposes. They can make it so difficult and time consuming for the maid to dust.

We love all the matchstick blinds but we would take the gauzy white draped fabric from around the windows in the bedroom. We know most people like this sort of window decoration but we just find it distracting since they seem to serve no useful purpose. Unless they can be closed to filter the sunlight. But then again, that's what matchstick blinds do.

The photo of the sunset is really quite lovely and we like to imagine Mister O'Quinn and his wahine sucking down a bottle of red wine in the spa while watching the sun set. Or is it Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter we imagine sucking down a bottle of wine and watching the sun set?

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Anonymous said...

Mr. O'Quinn's character, Locke, was killed in the last episode.

This may be the reason the home is for sale, no?

I hope not. His character was one of the main reasons I love watching LOST every week.

PS = LOVE your blog. Love love luv it. I subscribe via Bloglines, and read every post.

scrap happy girl said...

mama I love me some of this blog. you is a real great good read. I also loves me some hamptons gossip whree is a good place to go for that? y'all take care now.

Anonymous said...

Mama honey, I just have to say i was not happy to see this!
Don't get me wrong, i love that house, but i was just sure that Mr. O'Quinn's character was not really going to die -
I emailed all my Lost friends and told them - He really must be dead, His house is for sale, Mama told me so! (and we figured on trying to come up with the money for such a beautiful spot - not working out for us, though)
I too keep a watch for new gossip every day!
Thank you Mama, Thank you.
And thank the Lord we don't have to talk about the Croozes anymore!!!

Anonymous said...

He aint dead Walt pops up to save him ....

Anonymous said...

Omg I hope Terry is just moving to another home because I would hate lost if Locke left :(

Anonymous said...

I have never seen Lost either, so I'll have to be clueless along with you about that show. I also agree that yellow is hurting my eyes and the knick knacks are totally tacky and out of control to boot. With the exception of the bedroom, I'd have to trash every knick knack in the place along with the ugly furniture too.

Sheers do serve a purpose in homes with screenless windows, which are common on island homes as flying insects are very rare. This I know from experience as I have my windows and doors thrown open most of the time without the benefit of screens, but I do let my sheers filter the light just the same.


mikaljains said...
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