Friday, May 4, 2007

Even More Crooz News

Your Mama may be on vacation, but Crooz News waits for no one, even those with dinner reservations on the private Level II at Social Hollywood.

Anyhoo, we received lots of emails regarding our most recent post about the Crooz compound up on Torreyson Drive. But there were two that were intriguing enough that we wanted to bring the information to all the hungry children.

The first was from someone who claims that whomever owns 7860 Torreyson also owns or rents the house next door at 7847. One of the comments on the post said that Vincent Gallo lived at that address...then another comment said that was odd and unlikely since he or she had BEEN to Vincent's house and it wasn't on Torreyson.

To confuse matters even more, property records show 7847 Torreyson Drive as a vacant piece of land. But Google maps clearly shows a house on the property. The two properties, 7847 and 7860, are not owned by the same trusts which would indicate (but not confirm) they are not owned by the same person. Of course it's entirely possible that Crooz is renting that house and/or is trying to purchase the property to provide even more housing for the large Crooz clan and slew of Scientology minders that live up with TomKat and the Kitten.

A second email was even more interesting and intriguing. A tipster we'll call Cinderella sent us a very inneresting document that clearly shows that 7860 Torreyson Drive is owned by a trust who lists it's tax address as 7051 Hollywood Boulevard. Now for those of you who don't know, 7051 Hollywood Boulevard is owned by the Church of Scientology.

Did you hear the collective gasps from around the world.

So there you have it. With the help of Cinderella, Your Mama has confirmed for all the world that kooky and controlling Tom Crooz is indeed building a compound high in the hills of Hollywood at 7860 Torreyson Drive. And unlike is often reported about this compound, it is NOT in Beverly Hills, but the Hollywood Hills, zip code 90046 and not 90210.

Now children, you should trust us when we tell you that you would be fools to get up in your hoopdy cars and drive up there. First of all, there is nothing to be seen from the road and you can bet security is as tight as virgin.

No word on when the compound will be ready for occupancy but y'all can bet the world will stop spinning and the tabs and gossips will go into high gear when the moving trucks pull up the the current TomKat rental on N. Alpine Drive in Beverly Hills.


Anonymous said...

geez mama - so confusing! there is such a thing as being to far up in the hills ... it is pretty much studio city ...

Just Jake said...

Geez Anonymous, I hope the Crooz Control Ship isn't headed toward Studio City, I live there and Tommy would just ruin the ambience...I'm hoping where ever he lands it's just temporary until the mothership comes to pick him up...maybe then poor Katie will get the normal life she deserves.

Anonymous said... shows much more than google maps do.