Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Double Whammy: Anderson Cooper (II)

OWNER: Anderson Cooper
LOCATION: West 38th Street, New York, NY
PRICE: $2,480,000 (pre renovation)
SIZE: ??

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Okay babies, Your Mama is back with the second installment of the Anderson Cooper Double Whammy. Again we have Christiane Freakspeaker to thank for her help, information, and the gorgeous photographs. Feel free to pop over to her blog to read her analysis of the Coop's new Midtown Manhattan penthouse apartment.

Located in the very same building where his previous loft apartment is located, the Coop bought the top floor unit in early 2005 paying $2,480,000 for the 2,000 square foot space. According to Miz Freakspeaker, the Coop quickly called up his pal at the architecture firm Workshop/apd and, apparently, requested a glamorous re-do that involved blowing through the roof and adding a second floor and multiple terraces. You'll recall this is the same firm that did up his previous unit.

You'll note that in the photographs above, the top photo, the aerial, is a rendering of the unit and not an actual photo. However, the other images are indeed photos of the completed unit.

Let's start at the top and work our way down. The architects have provided extensive roof decking for sunbathing. However, we are concerned that the lack of screening means a lack of privacy and the Coop may not feel comfortable stripping down to his tiny little speedo and having a pal lather him up with cocoa butter if the folks in the building across the way can watch the whole innocent, yet lurid and captivating, scene.

Also up on the roof and a little difficult to see in the photo is a hot tub. Well you can imagine what sorts of naughtiness might go on there so no need to discuss.

Down to the media room, which seems to have some sort of slatted and wonderfully modern system for modulating light. We have no idea if that's some sort of bent wood or steal, but we're guessing some of the larger openings serve as book shelves?

Into the master bedroom with the white cabinetry and wide gas fireplace. Do y’all recognize the little African stool? That was a foot rest in the living room of the old apartment. Somehow is warms our insides to know that the Coop didn’t simply toss all the old furniture out like yesterday’s trash. We appreciate the simple and functional window shades and could not be more thrilled that the Coop did not opt for heavy drapery.

Check Miz Freakspeakers blog for another photo of the master that shows the bedroom area separated from the shower by just a large pane of floor to ceiling glass. Primed for more naughtiness while rinsing off the chlorine from the roof top hot tub.

We are pleased not to see the big portrait of Gloria Vanderbilt above the bed. Although we are still squeamish about the portrait of his father Wyatt Cooper hanging next to the fireplace. Who wants to wake up and look at a giant painting of one's father looking pensive and unsure? Not Your Mama. Again, it's not the painting we don't like, just the location it was hung.

The kitchen is a pretty standard loft style kitchen that probably cost upwards of $100,000 in custom cabinets made of an exotic wood and what appears to be Corian counters. Or Silestone or some such thing.

The guest bedroom, in our humble opinion is dee-vine. We love an all white room, unless it’s one of those cold and crazy rooms at the Delano in Miami. Those we’re not so keen on. Anyhoo, we like the incorporation of the desk into the bed and think it’s just lovely and thoughtfull the Coop provides a computer for his guests to cruise the internet and check their email. It appears that the “wall” on the right side of the room where the door is located, is all glass. We imagine this is the super fancy sort of glass that goes milky white at the flip of a switch so that the guests have a modicum of privacy.

Your Mama is die-ing to see the floor plan for this place, so if anyone knows where to see that, please let us know. While we're not in love with the West 38th Street location, we have to say, we love this apartment. It's so great to see someone with deep pockets commission an architect to build something that feels modern and new. Nothing wrong with a gorgeous high-ceiling pre-war building. Your Mama happens to live in one. But given it's the 21st century, we are appreciative of architects and clients who are designing, building, and paying for apartments that will take us towards the next century.

The only question we have is where are all the luscious books that we saw in the Coop's previous apartment?

Sources: The Freakspeakers


Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. I like the apartment but can't say I'm in love with it. It's a bit too clinical looking for my taste, lacking a perceptible warmth his last place had. I really go for sleek, clean lines and bright open spaces, but it's got have a cozy undercurrent of understated elegance which his new place sorely lacks in my opinion. The rooftop conversion is cool though.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Is the Doctor in? And where are those books while I wait for him.

Anonymous said...

As for size, I would guess him to be your standard 6 inches.

Anonymous said...

Glass walls separating private places? Is this a bath house or a home? The $100,000 kitchen is boring and fugly, and why is the master bedrpoom fireplace stuck in a corner? And speaking of corners, I can't find a single one that attracts or welcomes me.

Anonymous said...

Those pics are definitely not photos - It's so obvious they're not.

Anonymous said...

Please, I have bottomed for him and it was more like 6.5 inches.

Your Mama said...

1. Let's keep in clean children. There is no need to be vulgar.

2. It is my understanding those are indeed photos that were taken by the architect's firm.

3.The pics were likely taken just before or just after he moved in. We imagine that once the Coop moves in the place will take on more life, remember.

4. If true, that just makes us so sad about Mama Coop's finances

Anonymous said...

I like his last apartment alot more than his new one. If it were mine, I'd gut it and start all over, a clear case of artsy fartsy takes itself way too seriously. Even the furniture colors in the media room are a study in depressing.

Anonymous said...

Obviously Cooper's design esthetic has taken a sharp, quasi-industrial (?) turn. It's not for everyone. With his luck selling places, he better keep this one for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

I do love the kitchen, but I'll have something other than Corian. The rest of the place doesn't do it for me. Too much white and too antiseptic.

Anonymous said...

I love the media room. It's the one place that looks warm and cozy. I could see spending a lot of time there.

Anonymous said...

While we're not in love with the West 38th Street location

AC said on his show once that there were strip clubs near his apartment.

Anonymous said...

Those are DEFINITELY architectural renderings, NOT photos. Look at the light coming in on Anderson's bed...it's very contrived. Also, the paintings don't look crisp enough to be real life. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Is the work done yet?

Anonymous said...

The presence of that African stool in his original apartment and this one proves that these are in fact photos and not architectural renderings....

Anonymous said...

I like seeing the apt even if it is in midtown. Don't understand the slats/lattice/railings on the wall of the media room. Why have something useless in a minimalist setting? Or are they forming an important barrier as you turn the corner?