Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Christie Brinkley Selling off Ocean Front House

SELLER: Christie Brinkley
LOCATION: Flying Point Road, Water Mill, NY
PRICE: $7,900,000
SIZE: 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Enjoy your summer in this absolutely charming beach house, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, with ocean side deck and also includes frontage on Mecox Bay! A rare find and priced to sell!

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Do y'all know the difference between rich and filthy rich? Rich is owning a 20 acre, $25,000,000 land locked estate in Bridgehampton, which many regard as the best Hampton. Filthy rich is ALSO owning an $8,000,000 ocean front beach shack just a few miles away, which spares one's family and friends the indignity of having to cavort on the public sections of the wide sandy beaches of Hamptons with the common folk.

And this, my people, is exactly what super rich super model Christie Brinkley has been able to do the last few years that she's owned the house on Flying Point Road that she recently put on the market in the aftermath of her public separation and impending dee-vorce from Hamptons architect, former model, and philanderer Peter Cook.

Brinkley has long lived on a 20+ acre estate on Brick Kiln Road in Bridgehampton (Sag Harbor address) that is accessed down a long driveway and includes a huge shingled house, barn/garage for 4+ cars, guest house, an all glass greenhouse/conservatory, a very long swimming pool, and secluded tennis court in the woods.

According to reports, the model mommy added to her Hamptons holdings in December of 2005 when she and Peter purchased an oceanfront house in Water Mill for a reported $4,900,000. Although her then hubby Peter is an architect of note in the Hamptons, not much work was done on this somewhat ordinary, but extremely well located house. While Your Mama can not confirm how the house was used, we suspect it was used as a day house so that the family could surf, sun, and frolic during the summer months. The listing shows that a pool permit has been applied for, so perhaps there were plans to renovate the house in the future.

The Flying Point Road house is buttressed by water on two sides, the Atlantic to the South and Mecox Bay to the North, so even though the house is sort of a wreck, the water views dazzle, delight and make up for the house's shabbiness. A large, raised deck on the back provides unimpeded views up and down the glitzy and ritzy sands of Water Mill, and a small path across Flying Point Road gives access to Mecox Bay. The house has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and most importantly, sandy path over the dunes to the ocean.

We can all feel for Miz Christie Brinkley having to cope with the shameful shenanigans of her philandering huzband, who apparently has a penchant for very young women. But Your Mama suspects none of us will be crying ourselves to sleep as she drives her big Lexus SUV the four miles from her vast Bridgehampton estate to her ocean front shack on Flying Point Road in Water Mill this summer.

Now children, do not be writing us some stoopid comments and sending us emails about about how money does not by happiness or insulate one from pain and suffering. We know. We also know that problems is problems is problems, and no matter how you slice it, your huzband sleeping around with a teenager is a shitty and difficult situation to deal with.

But, as shallow, and even hollow as this may make Your Mama, we think owning millions of dollars of ridiculously expensive real estate in ultra exclusive locales takes a wee bit of the sting away. The still gorgeous Miz Brinkley may have to cope with a no good cheating huzband and father of her children, but at least she gets to go home to some mighty fine houses.

Miz Brinkley and flirty Peter continue to own a fair number of properties in the Hamptons, including the Farhy Road property in Sag Harbor where the sexual tricks and trysts between the Mister and his very young girly-friend took place. We imagine that at some point Miz Brinkley will want to sell that scene of the crime, but for now she's holding on to the property, which we're sure puts a bee in Peter's bonnet.

Your Mama wishes Miz Brinkley all the best in the future. We feel deep in our gut she's going to stick it to Peter in the dee-vorce in very subtle and pointed ways. Like asking the court to decree that when the children are with Peter they not be allowed to fly commercial, but rather only on private places. Which we all know the aging playboy will not be able to afford once his one-time cash cow signs those dee-vorce papers. We hope grinding Peter into the dee-vorce court ground will allow Miz Brinkley to move on to another fella who will recognize how good he's got it bedding down at night with a super rich super model and super mommy.

Now babies, humor Your Mama here, because we want to tell a non-real estate story about Miz Brinkley. Last September, the Dr. Cooter and Your Mama had us some excellent tickets to the finals of the US Open. So there we are sitting in our seats eating ice cream and minding our own bizness, when two sets into the match swoops Miz Brinkley, her two youngest children, and a couple of their pals, escorted by a US Open official. Down into the front row they go where they proceed to stand up, take flash photography, and lean over the railings. During the match! Now we know this was back when all this cheating brouhaha was front page tabloid fodder and we understand the lady must have been under terrible strain, but Your Mama thinks all that activity was distracting and R.U.D.E. the players, not to mention the other spectators sitting nearby. We got nothing against Miz Brinkley. We feel for her, we do. But gurl, you and yer kids might want to learn some tennis match etiquette if yer going to be sitting down in the first row this year. Seriously. Do not let Your Mama catch you acting a fool like that again, because this year we won't just smile at you and act like we weren't completely perturbed.

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Anonymous said...

"...we think owning millions of dollars of ridiculously expensive real estate in ultra exclusive locales takes a wee bit of the sting away."

You bet your a** Mama! Rich and broken-hearted beats poor and broken-hearted any ol' day.

Anonymous said...

True that, still, the sting of having sordid affairs splashed all over the media is any wronged partner's worst nightmare. I wouldn't trade my peaceful, relative anonymity to become a celebrity for any amount of money and that's no lie.

Anonymous said...

Poor Christie was publicly embarrassed and that little tart gave an interview to anyone who would listen. But there is no excuse for rude behavior at the Open!

Anonymous said...

Funny, I always called Bridgehampton "Leasthampton."

Anonymous said...

Beautiful setting. I'd like to see photos of it when the beach is populated, though. Is it really as peaceful as it looks? I do love the house, though.

I definitely would not want her life, but some of her money is fine with me.