Sunday, May 13, 2007

Chad and Sophia's Windfall in Landfall

SELLER: Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush
LOCATION: 713 Windswept Place, Wilmington, NC
PRICE: $860,000
SIZE: 4,100 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Everything you need and more! this spectacular home has a place for everyone in the family. Located on the end of a cul-de-sac with no drive through.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Now children, Your Mama will watch just about any reality show they'll put up on the damn boob toob, but we draw our television watching line at teen dramas. So we don't mind telling you we have never seen a single episode of One Tree Hill. So even on a good day we couldn't pick Sophia Bush or Chad Michael Murray out of a line-up.

However, we do read the gossips and know that once upon a time, in 2003, romance bloomed on the set of O.T.H. for these two youngsters who were married in May of 2005. That would be not long after the young couple purchased the home pictured above in September of 2004 for $573,500, which is located in a development outside Wilmington, NC where their program is filmed.

But almost immediately after the big Santa Monica nuptials where the bride wore Vera Wang and the groom a custom made Ralph Lauren tux, rumors began to roll that Mister Murray was having a hard time keeping it in his pants. Some reports even say he got a little too close to sex kitten and soon to be jail bird Paris Hilton when they were filming House of Wax.

Five months after the wedding a public separation and dee-vorce ensued for the young couple. Miss Sophia had to endure the further humiliation of watching her ever so classy 24 year old ex-huzband court, woo, and get engaged to a 17 year old high school gurl who worked as an extra on One Tree Hill. Can all the children hear the sounds of retching through the computer? That is just so tacky Mister Murray. Seventeen?! We do not want to hear the blather about soul mates and true love. The gurl was seventeen years old and you had no bizness dating her and touching her teenage coochie...and don't give us any bull shit about not doing the sex bizness until she was eighteen. Your Mama is not that naive and neither is anyone else for that matter.

Anyhoo, we digress. A young tipster we'll call Jonathan Swift clued us in to this property which is located in one of Wilmington's "nicer" developments called "Landfall," a gated country club and golf course community. It is unclear to Your Mama who will get the proceeds from the sale of this house as property records show it in Mister Murray's name, but Jonathan Swift recalls seeing a profile of Miss Sophia in Calabasas Magazine which pictured her in this house in the Spring of 2006 talking about decorating and her dogs.

Your Mama has never been to Wilmington, North Carolina. In fact the closest we've ever come to North Carolina at all is having a cuzzin we never visited who matriculated at Duke. But we imagine this house is typical of the sort of place one would expect to see in this neck of the woods. Traditional. Ordinary. Non-threatening. The sort of place middle aged in-laws live.

Which is strange because Mister Murray and Miss Sophia are neither in-laws or even out of their 20s yet. So this house seems a wee bit incongruous to us. We could understand if they had bought a loft downtown or even some shackety-shack in sea side Wrightsville Beach. But a gated, suburban house on a golf course? It's just so un-sexy and, well, OLD. Sorry old people, Your Mama is old too, so don't take offense.

From the photos it would seem Miss Sophia has long moved out so there is no need for you crazy people to try to bust through the gates of this community to try an catch a glimpse of this girl. Doing that would just make you an ignoramus anyway.

We have no idea where Miss Sophia has gone now that she's moved from her marital house of horrors, but property records show that in June of 2006 Mister Murray purchased a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 4,624 square foot house in another gated community in Wilmington for $545,000. Murray also owns a 1,620 square foot condo on Coldwater Canyon Boulevard in a not very sexy section of the San Fernando Valley called Valley Village for which he paid $330,000 back in 2002.

Your Mama hopes that Miss Sophia has moved on to find someone who will not cheat on her and we hope that Mister Murray has learned to keep it zipped up. And of course, we hope the teenager's parents are watching the situation closely.

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Anonymous said...

This house is not the best Wilmington,NC or Landfall has to offer in terms of homes go to the Landfall Realty website and do a search in the price range of $1,000,000 to no maximum and you'll see nicer homes.

Anonymous said...

ur funny hu r u?

Anonymous said...

This is totally not chad's house i live near him and he doesnt live that far avay from the street and i looks a little different inside like idk stuff in the rooms nice try but it just might be it idk but maby

Anonymous said...

Yes, this was their home. Ive been there 100 times. Chad moved to marsh oaks, with kenzie to a nice lace too. Its not gated though, so thats wrong info.

Anonymous said...

Heard through a relative of mine who owns a limo service and says one night back when they first started filming One Tree Hill he got a call to pick up two girls in Landfall. When he arrived the two girls who go into his car were very upset and said that Murray was having a party where apparently clothing was optional! The two girls then preceded to tell my relative that it freaked them out so much because of the underage girls who were in attendance of this party and almost all of the girls had no clothes on. My relative told me the two girls were never so happy to leave a party in their life! I dont know if these girls were telling my uncle the truth or not, but he said they were running out this house in Landfall to get into his car and he said they seemed really upset and freaked out!

Guess if this is true he always had a hankering for jail bait!