Friday, April 20, 2007

UPDATE: Jane Wyatt Estate

Remember a few weeks ago Your Mama discussed the Jane Wyatt estate up on Siena Way in Bel Air? Not long after we posted the property we heard there was a TON of activity on the property and it was expected to sell very quickly. The price was universally considered shockingly low. The listing was recently removed from the m.l.s. and today we hear from Bette Davis, one of our favorite up and coming tipsters, who tells us the estate is being purchased by Miss Sandy Gallin.

Do y'all know who Sandy Gallin is? The man has been a manager for superstars like Muh-riah Carey, Cher, and that white lady Michael Jackson. But his most well known client relationship has been with mammoth mammaried Dolly Parton. He was her manager, best friend, and at one time Your Mama remembers hearing they bunked together in a New York pied a terre. In return she acted as his beard back in the day when such things were required of music and entertainment moguls. Remember when David Geffen dated Joni Mitchell?

Anyhoo, Dolly and Miss Gallin still do bizness together through their Sandollar Productions Company. Additionally the man has been known as a powerhouse film and television producer with credits like 110 episodes of Angel and 145 episodes of cult favorite Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Although more recently, Miss Gallin has retired from the entertainment bizness and has been flipping houses and selling off his huge portfolio of impressive properties. Back in the Spring of 2005 he sold his Malee-boo estate on Paradise Point to reality show honcho Mark Burnett for a reported $26 or $27,000,000. Previous to that he sold off his 14 acre Hamptons spread which carried a $21,000,000 price tag. So ya'll know Miss Gallin is a rich old queen with money to burn on new flips.

If Bette Davis is right, Your Mama suspects Miss Gallin did not purchase the Jane Wyatt estate for his own personal use. Given that he's a house flipper we expect Miss Gallin is already burning up the phone lines calling up all the gay decorators he knows to haul their waxed and muscled bodies on up to Bel Air in order whip this place into shape and pose by the pool.

We'll keep an eyes peeled and our ear to the ground for any additional information about this house. And, of course, if any of the children have any additional 411, be sure to get in touch with Your Mama.

Sources: Bette Davis, Art and Understanding, Forbes, Internet Movie Data Base


Anonymous said...

~~~~Miss Gallan??????~~~~~

Oh my, I don't think our Mama will be having canape`s in this town again!

Unknown said...

The lady of the canyon you're referring to is JONI Mitchell.

The girl in love with Chatchi was Joanie.

All that Reba watching must be catching up with Mama.

Your Mama said...

gawd, your mama writes these things so early in the morning that sometimes the synapsis are not firing as well as they should. thanks bud.

jeremy said...

I do not have any information about the flipping, but I do have info about Sandy and Dolly's pad in Manhattan. Let me know if you are interested.


Your Mama said...

why hunny, you should email Your Mama with that information: