Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Libet Johnson's West Village Flip Out

SELLER: Elizabeth "Libet" Johnson
LOCATION: West 12th Street, New York City
PRICE: $14,995,000
SIZE: 6,824 square feet, 6-8 bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: (reduced from listing agent's website)

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Most of you children will recall that Libet Johnson is both the filthy rich Band-Aid heiress to the Johnson & Johnson fortune and the lady-friend of hairdresser to the stars Frederic Fekkai. A few weeks ago Max Abelson at the NY Observer reported that Libet recently sold off the last of her never lived in collection of apartments at Trump International at 1 Central Park West which all together totalled nearly 20,000 square feet. Abelson also reported that Libet and Freddy put that collection of uptown apartments on the market because they didn't want to live in such a large a palatial apartment and wanted to scale down to something less grand and more modest.

So the five-time dee-vorced heiress, who in 2006 was very publicly accused of stealing her niece Casey's boyfriend, bought this townhouse from Meryl Streep. The flawless and subtle ack-tress sold the house to Libet for $9,100,000 after she and her artist husband purchased a penthouse at the newly built River Lofts in Tribeca. This was reported by all the celebrity real estate gossips including Mr. Big Time and the folks at Curbed.

But no one posted photos and floor plans and Your Mama thought all the children might be interested in seeing how a New York lady with money to burn actually lives.

It is unclear whether the nearly 60 year old heiress with four grown children ever moved into or lived in this townhouse or if she's renovating and flipping for a substantial profit like all the other rich and real estate obsessed. Libet did have a significant amount of work done after she purchased the property in October or 2005, but still can expect to walk away with millions for her efforts.

The the press shy heiress is currently involved in an acrimonious and public custody battle over the Cambodian child she adoped with then husband, celeb weight loss guru Dr. Lionel Bissoon, which would explain the Asian religious icon in the living room.

Your Mama would like the children to have a look at the third floor master suite. We think that is the proper way to do a bedroom. Instead of some crazy huge bathroom swathed in acres of pink marble, we see two well appointed, but discretely sized bathrooms each with it's own dressing area. In the case of the front bath, we have a huge dressing room fit for a lady who rarely wears the same outfit twice in public.

While some have big issues with lots of white paint on the walls as we see in Libet's townhouse, Your Mama likes a blank canvas like that. If any of the children were to have the opportunity to visit any of Your Mama's homes, you would see that nearly all of our walls are white. We like to use the white to bounce light and balance the bright colors we have in our artworks and furniture.

One other thing we would like to note is the proper way guests are treated here. Two guest rooms sprawl across the top floor each with its own dressing area and bathroom. Of course they might have heart attacks climbing all the stairs to these rooms, but once they get there they are ensconsed in the lap of luxury.

Who knows where Libet is going next. Anyone knows, be sure to call Your Mama and let us know.

Source: Big Time Listings, Curbed, NY Observer


Anonymous said...

She owned in the time warner? doesn't she own a mammoth place in the trump building at 1 C.P.W?

Your Mama said...

oh hunny, you are correct, Your mama was addled and confused. Thanks for the smack.

Anonymous said...

libet hasn't done anything to the apartment. no renovations that i'm aware of. it's the same as the day she bought it from Meryl.

diandra douglas (michael douglas's ex) is living there. apparently diandra's pad on the east side, was "too small".