Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Josh Duhamel Getting Out of Brentwood

SELLER: Josh Duhamel
LOCATION: N. Kenter Avenue, Brentwood, CA
PRICE: $2,399,000
SIZE: 2,516 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Contemporary, wall of glass looking out to ocean no wires. Kitchen w/center island. Skylights. Wet bar, Very Private, dramatic backyard with spa and infinity pool.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: We are way behind the ball on this one children, but we figured you had already read about this on Curbed LA and then later on Big Time Listings. Now, after re-checking the listing this morning, we are glad we waited to post and link because the listing agent at Coldwell Banker seems to have had a photographer up in the house taking better pix than were originally posted with the listing.

Y'all surely know the good looking Mister Doo-ha-mel as one of the sexy faces on some program called Las Vegas, which we admit to never having watched. Your Mama knows who this man is because he dates Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas and their romance gets a fair amount of tabloid attention including this gorgeous little tidbit on A Socialite's Life about when the couple went to see Jeezis last week.

Some reports and rumors say Mister Doo-ha-muhl and the unusual looking Fergie are co-habitating at her place so it makes sense the handsome actor would sell off his Brentwood house. Brentwood, home of the big VA Hospital and seemingly little else, lies in the foothills just west of Bel Air and East of Pacific Palisades. One snotty L.A. denizen who grew up in a mammoth house in Bev Hills once snidely told Your Mama she considered Brentwood to be the poor cuzzin of Bel Air and that the only people who live in Brentwood are people who wish they could afford to live in Bel Air or Bev Hills. Ouch! We're not sure we agree with this diva of Rodeo Drive. We're not sure Eli Broad, his big Frank Gehry designed house, or the huge Serra sculpture in his back yard would agree either.

Anyhoo, Mister D00-hummel's Brentwood house sits way up in the hills of Brentwood North of Sunset Boulevard and has distant ocean views across the canyon. The low, flat roofed house has a certain mid century feel to it, but at the same time, is sorta lacks the interest and pizzaz of a mid century house. You know what we're saying?

Mister D0o-haw-mel purchased this house in 2003 for $1,475,000. It's unclear whether the actor made any changes or improvements since moving into the property.

Here's what Your Mama likes about this property:

The location. We don't mind Brentwood, and this house sits in a quiet area where folks are not typically concerned about the paps and the press which Your Mama considers a good thing when we're out in the driveway washing the car in a skimpy bathing suit.

The covered patio. This large shaded area acts like an outdoor living room. When you live in Los Angeles, being able to get out of the blazing sun is a very good thing. Especially when you have that pool enticing you into getting skin cancer.

The swimming pool. Your Mama is not usually impressed with an infinity edged pool. We just think it's a silly gimmick to get you to pay more for the installation. But we have to admit, this one looks fantastic in the photos. The feature we like best about this pool is the super shallow end where you can wade and wallow in just a few inches of water and pretend you're at the Delano in Miami. For all the children who have paddled in that pool, you know what we're talking about.

There are two issues that concern us with the interior of this house. The first is that the listing agent provided no photographs of the kitchen or bathrooms. Does this mean they look like shit? We're not saying they do, we're just asking.

The second is the artwork. Your Mama is not sure if the artwork was made by Mister Du-hom-ul himself or if he just has extraordinarily bad taste in paintings. We love an abstract landscape, and in fact have a large one in the living room of one of our houses, but that tragedy in the dining room should be removed before someone strokes out from the poor execution and grim color choices. And the diptych of the man's back? Please. No. Just. No.

Your Mama admits it is refreshing to see actual "artwork" in a celebrity home rather than one of those upsetting and rash inducing pear paintings of which we've seen so many. So we give an "E" for effort to Mister Du-hahm-el for his artistic expression. That's really the best we can do there.

All the best to Mister Dew-hahm-ul and Fergie as they embark on their journey of living in sin.

Sources: Curbed LA, Big Time Listings, A Socialite's Life, Net Music Countdown


Anonymous said...

Josh and Fergie bought Brian DePalma's house right across the street from this place in Brentwood.

Your Mama said...

hunny are you sure? we know that us...

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that's a diptych of a man's back. Although the one on the right does seem to have a muscle-bound arm, it also has a greater indentation at the waist and a hint of boob showing between the arm and torso. So maybe it's a male/female pair? Not that it makes any difference to the result, the verdict is still a no. I wonder if Fergie is letting him bring his collection to her house...I can't even imagine what kind of art she might like, she often makes some very odd style choices.

Anonymous said...

Josh and Fergie have moved in just up the Street ... New Address

1310 N. Kenter Ave.

Anonymous said...

UCLA is in Westwood, not Brentwood.

Anonymous said...

The Canyon News reported that the home was four bedrooms and that he left because he was in search of a bigger living space...Brentwood is pretty big for me, but I guess him and Fergie need room to stretch out...