Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Spice Gurl Rides Again...

SELLER: To Remain Anonymous
LOCATION: N. Whittier Drive, Beverly Hills, CA
PRICE: $19,900,000
SIZE: 20,418 square feet, 7 bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms (property records show 12 bathrooms)
DESCRIPTION: Totally redone contemporary limestone villa on over an acre w/ 20,000+, 7 bd + 8.5 ba. This gated estate is a European masterpiece of quality & style. Custom blt residence provides a spectacular blend of luxury & technology, no expense spared lush landscaping. Oversized limestone state of the art kitchen w/ every amenity, sec. sys., elevator. A world apart.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Right away Your Mama wants the children to know we have the name of the South African owner of this house, but because he is an innocent bystander in The Spice Gurl's Wild and Crazy Circus of Home Tours, we're going to keep that information to ourselves.

While Your Mama read about the return of The Spice Gurl on the wonderful World of Wonder website, it has been widely reported she is back in Los Angeles and has resumed her much ballyhooed search for a house to call home for Sexy and the three little boy brats.

Wilma Washington, one of our favorite tattlers in the rarefied Beverly Hills real estate world, recently told Your Mama The Spice Gurl was unable to find anything suitable in the $10-15,000,000 range and has upped the budget into the stratospheric $20,000,000+ range.

She also tells us considerable snickering echoes up and down Sunset Boulevard about the Beckhams' "not very good taste." Ouch! It appears The Spice Gurl and Sexy are more interested in the ridiculously opulent than the tastefully elegant.

Wilma also tells Your Mama gambling types would be wise to bet The Spice Gurl, Sexy, and the three little brats will end up living at The Beverly Hills Hotel or some other dee-luxe scratch crib before purchasing a home of their own .

Word on the street is The Spice Gurl will not be purchasing this property, but because she was interested enough to visit the property, Your Mama wanted to bring the children a few photos of some of the more "interesting" features of the home. How about that fireplace in the gym? Or the private massage room? Did the children notice all the mammoth lion statues? What about those disco lighting strips on the steps beside the pool? And children, does anyone know what on earth that hoozymajig with the lighted canopy could possibly be?

Hunnies, this house is such an L.A. cliche Your Mama finds it difficult to believe it actually exists. One of the listing agents at the venerable Westside Estate Agency has provided a fantastic virtual tour, but we recommend you do not view if you're having a queasy stomach.


Anonymous said...

I know this house very well. I know someone who has been in it often. It is insanely tacky and on a street that has a lot of traffic. really a lousy location- no view.

Anonymous said...

The house looks nice but the location is on one of Beverly Hills' busier streets so they're going to have to keep lowering that price, they started at $25 Million.