Monday, February 5, 2007

The Queen Leaves Her Castle?

SELLER: Helen Mirren and Taylor Hackford
LOCATION: Near Franklin and La Brea, Los Angeles
SIZE: 6 acres, 6,699 square feet, 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms (main house)
PRICE: Currently for rent at $40,000/month
DESCRIPTION: Discover the magnificent estate that once belonged to Dustin Farnum, Cecil B. DeMille's first great movie star. Sheltered in a quiet parkland of 6 acres, a paradise of trees and flowers. The principal residence at almost 7000', combines graceful floor plan with elegance and volume - each capacious room flowing into the next. The grand master suite looks out into breathtakingly beautiful terraces and pool. 2700' guest cottage offers room for office and staff. Double gated. Secure. Incomparable.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Children, Your Mama is not quite sure what's happening with this property. According to property records, in December of 2006 this property (all 6 acres with two lots and two houses) was transferred from three time Academy Award nominee Dame Helen Mirren and her Academy Award nominated film director hubby Taylor Hackford (Ray) to something called the Jacaranda Trust, and then placed on the market for the staggering monthly lease of $40,000 per month. For both houses, of course.

It could be a new owner purchased the property as an investment through the Jacaranda trust and prefers to rent the property rather than live in it. Or it could be the Mirren/Hackford couple simply transferred the property to a trust called Jacaranda, called agent to the stars Joyce Rey, moved to a new house, and put the old house on the rental market for a stunning amount of money. Forty grand a month would go a long way towards making the mortgage on another house. Whatever the case, up until recently this was indeed the home of Dame Helen and her huzbund Taylor.

According to the listing agent's website, the property once belonged to a man named Dustin Farnum. I know hunnies, we had to google him too. I suppose if you're 80 and living in Hollywood that name might mean something to you, but for all of us under 40, thank goodness for the internet. Anyhoo, turns out this Farnum fellow was indeed a big time actor from the 1910s and 20s with credits in dozens of films and Broadway plays. Don't be too impressed with Your Mama because we found ALL this on Wikipedia. Also found on wiki was this tidbit: according to a 1975 article in Playboy, this is the man Dustin Hoffman was named after. Who knew?

Okay then, now that we've had a little Hollywood history lesson, let's get back to the property of The Queen and her consort. The property appears to have been purchased by the "Hackford 1991" trust in 1996. Two lots comprised the sale, one with the large main house and a second with a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 2,740 square foot guest house. Plenty of room to stash family and guests while keeping them from being underfoot and bothering you when you're trying to get a "massage" from that cute massuese named Ricky.

The guest house is also a great place for a celebrity home office. This set up keeps the staff, assistants, and various hangers on from getting up in the house looking at your shit and then calling the Star Magazine selling information about which pills you have in your medicine cabinet or what "toys" you got hidden under the bed.

The home is accessed up a gated, very long and winding drive in the foothills of Runyon Canyon. All the children know this is the sort of driveway that makes Your Mama swoon and hyperventilate with delight. At the top of the drive sits what appears to be a lovely Mediterranean style casa with balconies, bougainvillea, and beautiful views. The ultra private pool area is perfect for skinny dipping and nude sun bathing if, like Your Mama, you're inclined toward outdoor nekkidness.

The lease apparently includes a barbecue, phone system, network wire(?), cable television, and a satellite. You know that satellite has Your Mama wanting to rent this house. We don't give a shit about that phone system, but that satellite would allow us to watch all our favorite late night programs not so late at night when the Klonopins have us too relaxed to keep our eyes open.

We have yet to find any additional photos of the interior of the property but are happy to hear any tips and suggestions about where to locate a few. So Miss Rey, Ms. Mirren or anyone else that would like to provide us with some interior photos, you just shoot Your Mama a little email. We promise to keep the source on the down low.

Sources: Joyce Rey, Wikipedia

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Anonymous said...

this house was renterd until late 2006 by Andrew alchick, he rented it for at least 5 or 10 years and loved to through parties. Turns out he ran a pyramid scam too so he fled the country in early-mid 2006