Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lorraine Bracco Again, This Time In Sneden Landing

SELLER: Lorraine Bracco
LOCATION: Snedens Landing, NY
PRICE: $3,200,000
SIZE: 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Actor's serene riverfront retreat adjoins nature preserve, set in pristine woodland. Walk to waterfall. Kayak on the Hudson, Magnificent views of starry nights and sunrise on the Hudson. Architectural plans and model for previous expansion plans may be available.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: As was reported in Braden Keil's Gimme Shelter column today, at the urging of her children, Sopranos actress Lorraine Bracco has taken her Bridgehampton "horse country" house off the market. Your Mama previously discussed this property so we're going to move on to another of Ms. Bracco's real estate holdings that is up for sale.

This property, located in the exclusive Hudson River celebrity filled enclave of Sneden Landing, was purchased in 1989 by Ms. Bracco and her then husband Harvey Keitel from another strong famous lady, the incomparable Ellen Burstyn.

Oh Lawhd children we apologize for getting off track. Anyhoo, Ms. Bracco's Sneden Landing property, located on 2 acres of private and prime river front land, served as Ms. Bracco's sanctuary through some difficult times in the 1990s. The tough talking Bracco managed to hang on to this property even though in late 1999, after her finances were ravaged by a custody battle with Keitel, she was forced to declare personal bankruptcy.

The obviously strong willed Ms. Bracco struggled, fought, scrimped, saved and worked her ass off to pay her legal fees and back taxes. Her efforts have clearly paid off as is apparent by her current real estate portfolio. It's unclear whether Bracco is cutting back on the number of residences she wants to maintain or if she'll be purchasing another property. What is clear is that Ms. Bracco has been trying to sell this property for a number of years. First put on the market in 2004 for $4,400,000, the price has been reduced over time to it's current asking price of $3,200,000.

Predictably, Your Mama has mixed feelings about Sneden Landing. On the one hand, it's a lovely, upscale community that relishes in it's seclusion and privacy. However, even though it's really New York state, Your Mama can't help but feel we're headed to New Jersey when we cross over the George Washington Bridge. Now all you New Jersey dwellers don't be sending me nasty little emails about how nice New Jersey is to live and raise babies. We do not want to hear it.

The ultra-private location of this house may make up for it's practically New Jersey location. Bordered by the mighty Hudson on one side and preserved lands on the other, Your Mama could streak butt-nekked way all the way to the waterfall located on the property without being seen by a living soul.

We were non-plussed by Ms. Bracco's decor at her Hamptons hideaway, and we feel similarly about this place. It's nice. Safe. Homey. But if we're being honest, we find it all a little boring. We have heaps of respect for Ms. Bracco and how she's pulled herself by her hard-working bootstraps and all that, but seriously gurl, hire yourself a nice gay decorator for you next home.

Sources: NY Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Wired New York


Anonymous said...

That would be Ellen Barkin.

Your Mama said...

Oh hunny, you're so right. It's the drugs and lack of sleep.

We did in fact run into Ellen BARKIN on 6th avenue looking flawless in her leopard print coat.

But of course, that's another Ellen altogether.

Forgive us, even Your Mama makes mistakes sometimes.

Anonymous said...

so who owned it previously, Ellen Barkin or Ellen Burstyn?

Anonymous said...

Been in the house, really nothing that great at all. Very tiny. Awkward layout. Downstairs bathroom feels more like a cave. Kitchen barely there and you have one room for your dining room and living room purposes. To quote a Mastercard commerical..."view: $750,000. house: $600,000. getting the chance to say you own the house where Bracco and Edward James Olmos found out they couldn't make it: priceless." The price has also since dropped to $2,900,000, clearly the initial broker and Bracco were spending too much time under the waterfall and it was clouding their vision.

Anonymous said...

this seems a little phishy to me.