Sunday, February 25, 2007

A little Blog Love

We'd like to recognize some of the folks who buttered our toast this week with links back to our little blog. If we made a mistake and didn't get you on this list, we apologize, we're doing the best we can on an early Sunday morning.

1. Glitterati Gossip - As always, Your Mama is deeply appreciative of this gal. So please go read her lovely site for all the Hollywood tidbits.

2. Curbed LA - Our pals at Curbed are always so generous with their linkage. And of course, if you're not reading Curbed LA, then you're missing all the best real estate news about the City of Angels.

3. World of Wonder - This is one of Your Mama's favorite sites. Read it and weep that you're not that funny and clever.

4. Luxist - The website for all this fancy, snazzy and upscale. We love their Estate of the Day postings.

5. The Rat and Mouse - The London property blog.

6. Celebrity Houses Blog - These folks are doing a great job bringing the children some interesting tidbits.

7. Fresh Celebrity Gossip - These folks are new to us, but we thank them all the same.

8. PopCasa - A new site and new to Your Mama.

9. Suburbarazzi - All things related to the Lower Hudson Valley in New York.

10. CelebritySmack – More juicy tidbits on the Hollywood gossip

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