Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hi hunnies...

Good morning babies. We hope you're recovered from all the Valentine's Day romance and mekkin love. Truthfully, Your Mama could use a day or two of rest, but celebrity real estate waits for no one.

Lawhd childrin, that Mister Braden Keil over at the NY Post had an a-may-zing column today and it is going to keep Your Mama tied to this computer all day. Out of his one column we are going to be bringing y'all updates on the following:

1. the Guccione mansion in Manhattan
2. Lorraine Bracco's Hamptons hideaway and her place in Snedon's Landing
3. Howard Stern's extremely expensive summer rental in the Hamptons which Terry Allen Kramer has recently sold
4. Reed Krakoff's new place in East Hamptons

We got the shit on Treat William's place on the Upper West Side too (also reported by Mister Keil), but that may just have to wait a day or two.

Your Mama is also going to be bringing you Vincent D'Onofrio's place in the East Village that was reported in Max Abelson's Manhattan Transfers column.

And we're going to be bringing you 1 or 2 celebrity sales that Your Mama has not seen reported elsewhere.

We've got all the photos and floorplans, but y'all are just going to have to give Your Mama some time to collect ourselves and get all the typing into the computer. We just hope you appreciate all this because we're certainly going to have some carpal tunnel syndrome before we're finished today.

Stay tuned babies..

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Steven said...

Mama, don't EVER stop writing this blog, I would die if I couldn't read this everyday!! This is the best blog in the history of the universe! Keep up the good work!