Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Real Estate Pornography III

SELLER: Your Mama does not know, but if you do, please let us know. We promise to keep your name quiet.
LOCATION: 27 Beverly Park Terrace, Beverly Hills, CA
PRICE: $29,000,000
SIZE: approx. 20,000 square feet, 10 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: This 6 acre estate features a 40 foot high entry with a center hall plan and city views. Huge living room. Two story panelled library with fireplace. Family room opens to hand cut mosaic pool and spa. Pool pavillion has his and her bathrooms and a full outdoor kitchen. Private tennis court. Huge master with his and her bathrooms. There are 6 bedrooms in the children's wing. Huge playroom in a finished attic. 2 maid's rooms and a guest bedroom. 3 car garage and a limo garage. Truly unique.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Okay babies, as promised. Here we have some information on the only house in Beverly Park that Your Mama knows is up for grabs. The listing agent for this property is none other than uber-agent Susan Smith of the Westside Estate Agency, one of the premier brokerages in Beverly Hills. The website has this property listed at $35,000,000, but Your Mama is guessing it's been reduced because it's listed on L.A.s multiple listing service for 29.

This home is perfect for someone who has, or wants to have, a half-dozen children. Here at this mountain top palace, you can house all them kids in a separate wing and keep them from driving you crazy by sending them out of earshot to the attic playroom. Of course, all these kids might want to use the pool sometimes, so fortunately there is a pool house so they won't be dragging that chlorinated water into your house after your girl has scrubbed and mopped the floors to a mirrored finish.

Seriously though, Your Mama is no stranger to luxury, but we still have a tough time getting our itty bitty minds around this kind of glamour and extravagance. We've said it before (and will say again when appropriate) do you know what it costs to maintain a house like this? Lahwd, it just boggles the mind.


Anonymous said...

this isn't Aaron Spellings home, is it?

Your Mama said...

No dear. We're not sure who owns this house, but if you want to have a looksee at the Spelling manse, click on over to our posting "The $150,000,000 Pile."

Anonymous said...

This house is owned by Denzel Washington

Anonymous said...

no, it's not owned by denzel...100% it's not.

Anonymous said...

the house is owned by bambang trihatmodjo. the son of indonesia's dictator/ruler/infamous corruptor that had robbed the country filthy poor. go figure how much they stole ...

Anonymous said...

According to google, and I believe I'm a little late, this property belongs to Han Moeljadi

Anonymous said...

This house is owned by a man named Michael Fields a succesful engineer from ny the listing agent is joyce reys of coldwell banker, and Denzel Washington does not live here he lives in an area called Beverly park
he currently has homes in atlanta ga and rhode island

Anonymous said...

Im very late to comment but this house was absolutely owned by Han Moeljadi. I happened to go to high school with his son and was lucky enough to hang out there a few times after school. His parents never lived in the home. Just his sister and himself. Looking back it was surreal to be in that ginormous home. I used the restroom twice and each time got lost on the way back. If only I were joking. I only stumbled upon this site because I was trying to describe to a friend the two story treehouse at the home (that has a full kitchen). Thanks to google I found it. Never knew who his father was but it was known at school he had a lot of money. They bought a penthouse near our school just for him to be able to attend because Beverly hills post office is technically not considered in the Beverly hills school district. It was a fully furnished apartment with NO one living there. Ever. Just a hang out to go during lunch hour. I couldn't imagine having that life 24/7.

Anonymous said...

Han Moeljadi is money laundering the funds of former Indonesian dictator Soeharto's son, Bambang Trihatmodjo. The US government has no business in it so basically he is quite legal in his activities of money laundering for Trihatmodjo.

This particular mansion in Beverly Park is probably bought using a Trust company in which Moeljadi is acting as adviser/executor for the trust; however the real owner hides behind the trust company.

Just do your math how Moeljadi with no clear business other than his unsuccessful venture of food/beverage/coffee business can generate cash even to pay for mortgages of the multi-million dollar estates that Moeljadi has been purchasing.

The IRS knows the truth how much Moeljadi file for income tax to justify so many luxury property purchases.

The mansion is listed for sale as Trihatmodjo is in the process of a nasty divorce with his former wife Halimah. Trihatmodjo is trying to marry a former artist.