Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The House Gossip Bought, West Coast Style

SELLER: Leeza Gibbons / Stephen Meadows
LOCATION: West Hollywood, CA
PRICE: $7,995,000
SIZE: 8 bedrooms, 6.5 baths
DESCRIPTION: Very convenient location, set behind gates, up a long drive on a little over 1 acre of lush landscape. Grand Mediterranean. Completely renovated and remodeled. Reflects original architecture with elegantly applied carved moldings, stone, hardwood, iron fixtures, etc. 2.5 story guesthouse built in 2000 features state of the art studio/office/bedroom.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES (UPDATED): Babies, you know we have to give credit where credit is due. See, Your Mama did the research and put 2 and 2 together all on our own, BUT we soon realized we were not the first to report the sale of the Gibbons/Meadows property...that honor would go to Ben Casselman over at the Wall Street Journal Online.

Anyhoo, this estate, located just north of Hollywood Boulevard, is one of Hollywoods grande dames. According to the listing agent at Sotheby's in Beverly Hills, this property comes with a pedigree as it was once owned by wire-hanger-hating Joan Crawford.

More recently it has been owned and lovingly restored by ex-talking head Leeza Gibbons and her architect/actor/artist/Parabounce inventor husband Stephen Meadows. Before we move on here, Your Mama just wants to say something directly to Ms. Gibbons...hunny, your man is making Your Mama weak in the knees with that mustache of his. Lahwd woman, no wonder you were always smiling at me from the television.

Ms. Gibbons, formerly of Entertainment Tonight, is one busy lady. Your Mama is plain worn down and out of breathe just thinking about how full this lady's plate is. Instead of talking about celebrities on the TV, Ms. Gibbon now talks about them on the radio every weekend on her show called "Hollywood Confidential." Not only does she do this, but she hawks a make-up line on the Home Shopping Network, AND does heaps of good work through her foundation the Leeza Gibbons Memory Foundation. But she does not stop there. Oh no, because in her spare time this gal does life coaching, whatever that is. Mercy child, you're making us all look bad.

Okay, babies, on to the house, which is accessed up a long curved driveway...the kind all the children imagine rich and famous people have. The house itself is just huge with bedrooms and bathrooms of numbers one family seldom needs...even a family with three kiddies like these folks. Your Mama counts four bedrooms upstairs, two for staff on the middle level and a couple more downstairs...and this does not even take the mammoth guesthouse into account.

Your Mama has to admit for the size of the property, we were a little disappointed with the rather puny pool, but that magnificent rooftop deck (see photo) makes up this shortcoming. Plus, according to the listing, the house is loaded with other amenities like a sauna, gym, art studio, sound studio, wine cellar, central vacuum, intercom and on and on and on. After reading a list like that we know the children are asking the same as we are, how many people does it take to keep all this clean?

Now babies, Your Mama has the address to this property and the listing agent has provided a magnificent virtual tour of the property, but we're going to keep this information to ourselves for now. In the meantime, enjoy the pics and the floorplan...a real rarity for the children to see the floorplan for a West Coast property.


Anonymous said...

What is up with that exactly? With the NYC property websites they almost always provide floorplans. Not so with the West Coast property websites.

mr fahrenheit said...

moustache? i wanna see!

Your Mama said...

go to stephenmeadows.com and click on over to the bio page and there he is, shirtless, looking like something out of a 1970s porn movie.

Anonymous said...

Are we totally sure he wasn't a porn star? Where did Leeza find these fifth-rate actors to marry anywy? But I must say, the house looks quite nice.

Anonymous said...

Exactly how HOT is Leeza
Kim between the sheets?

For someone who has made a fortune on other celebs' gossip....there is very little on Ms. G
(rated). No paparazzi
oops...not even a bikini photo.

I hear Leeza was quite the party girl in the 80's (single years).

Best kept secret in La
La Land!

Anonymous said...

I want It